Nov 032013

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Usually i am not surprised, but today was a nice surprise waiting when started to look for some new galleries. This is already another fresh face from the playboy magazine today, same day multiple fresh faces, what can be better! well anyway usually the always add some fresh girls to their roster list at the start of the new month and this month was no exclusion. Sure the old playmates are nice to watch, but we all need something new, so that would not get bored!

What goes for this particular girl, it looks like this is one of her first professional shoots, well she have made some shoots before, but nothing such big and special. That can easily seen when typing her name on the search, there is like couple of websites with her. So this is the day that she got her spotlight on and from this day her modeling career for sure will go up. Need to say that i do like this girl, she is one of the hottest babes added today and with the looks like this she for sure will make numerous sets for this and other magazines. it is wonder that she have not made her breakthrough before, well now she have made it. Usually not a fan of the tattoos, but on this girl they are all placed pretty good and do not spoil this girl.

What goes for her boobs it is hard to say at this point, are they fake or not, sorry but i cannot say which one are those. It looks like they are enhanced, or then they are not… well what the hell, she is hot as hell anyway. Enhanced or not, gonna still wait for more sets with her and add them right a way when appeared. Now it is up to you to say your verdict, but think that all of you will like her as much as i do! so go ahead and taste some of that pie!

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